About us

About us

is a Spanish center in Toledo, city of the Three Cultures, which combines the teaching of language and culture with socio-educational activities open to the whole community

Learn Spanish in one of the cradle cities of our language!

01. Experts

The Instituto Toledano de Español belongs to the group ``Centro Europeo de Idiomas y Negocios`` (CEIN), with a long tradition in the teaching of languages.
Our faculty is composed of young professionals who are motivated by a great vocation, with dynamic methods that are demanding, experienced and willing to share their culture and their city.

02. Well located

The location is unbeatable, close to the Old Quarter of the city, area with more tradition and leisure of Toledo, and next to one of the most important buildings and with more history, the Hospital of Tavera. Our building has a typical Toledan patio of the region, which students can enjoy at all times and in which different activities are carried out for leisure and cultural and social exchange

03. With guarantee

We receive students and groups throughout the year, offering courses focused and adapted to the student's stay.
We work with universities from different countries through specialized programs tailor-made.

04. Professionals

Our method focuses on communication, encourages student participation and interaction with the community, integrating social and linguistic activities. We combine language learning with workshops of all kinds (cooking, reading, theater, etc.) and activities that encourage citizen participation through collaboration with community organizations and social services.

Why study in Toledo?

A complete destination in every way

Toledo is one of the best preserved medieval cities in the world. Declared a World Heritage Site in 1986 by Unesco, walking through its streets is a journey through time and a living book where you can observe the history of Spain, Europe and the world.

The size of the city has allowed it to maintain a calm rhythm of life, with time for meals at noon at home and easy distances to travel on foot or by public transport. It is easy to feel comfortable and safe in Toledo where its streets and quiet inhabitants make you forget that you live in the 21st century.

Moreover, you are in the heart of Spain by car and only half an hour by train from Madrid, which is the gateway to destinations in any part of Spain or Europe and many places in the world.