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The School

The School

The INTOSPANISH school is located in the city of Toledo, privileged for its incomparable beauty and tourist and cultural interest, as well as its location, in the heart of Spain and only 25 minutes from its capital, Madrid, where cultural and leisure is endless.

The school is in a central area, in the middle of the tourist and cultural environment, between the old town and the modern part of the city, surrounded by schools and institutes, commercial and gastronomic areas, and from where you can comfortably access the old town or any area of the city taking public transport or walking.

Our center has 9 spacious classrooms, bright and perfectly equipped with audio-visual and computer facilities, as well as analogue material, books, dictionaries and all the necessary material for use, inside and outside the classroom, which will make learning and teaching much more nice.

We must emphasize the interdisciplinarity of our center, as we have national students who study other languages, in addition to our students of Spanish, a factor that encourages language exchange among students.


We are in a building that we share with other companies dedicated, like us, to communication or education. It is an environment of collaboration among all and open to the community.


With a significant endowment of technology in the classrooms and prepared to always implement the latest developments. We have a historic exterior and a modern interior, comfortable and versatile.


After a study of the archaeological remains of our building, it was confirmed that it was already a seat of relevance several centuries ago. It is a privileged place outside the imperial city wall.

A place full of history

In INTO Spanish, we offer a total immersion of our students in the Spanish and Toledo culture. Thus, we give great value to the historical environment that surrounds us and we bet to take care of it and take advantage of it at the same time.
A clear example of this message is the choice of our head office.
We are in a building next to the “Hospital de Tavera”. It has been documented that in the area there was a “Roman Amphitheater”, and that later, the Arab culture used it to install workshops of pottery and ceramics.
That said, and for those who are passionate about history like us, we leave you a link to the historical-archaeological study of the building, as well as a sample of the evolution of the area according to maps of different times.