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Learn ” Spanish On Line” with the help of our teachers

Learn ” Spanish On Line” with the help of our teachers



Learn Spanish in your own way, being able to access unlimitedly our platform.

Unlimited access to content 24/7.
With a duration of 3 months.

What includes?

· Level test.
· Unlimited access to content 24/7.


€99 / level.


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This is the plan for those who want to learn Spanish with a teacher. With 24 hours access to our contents.

With a duration of 3 months.

What includes?

· Level test.
· Unlimited access to content 24/7.
· With follow-up of a tutor of our teaching team.


€99 / level.




Ideal to complete your plan improving the flow of your conversation.

What includes?

· Level test.
· Unlimited access to content 24/7.
· With follow-up of a tutor of our teaching team.
· Weekly group conversation class maximum of 2 students.


5 classes €60



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Para mejorar la expresión escrita de tu español con el seguimiento de un profesor.

¿Qué incluye?

· Level test.
· Unlimited access to content 24/7.
· With follow-up of a tutor of our teaching team.
· Writing activities corrected by teacher.



Once the registration of your “online Spanish course” has been formalized, we give you access to your level test and depending on the level we will assign the course that best suits you. If you think the test performed does not reflect your actual level, we will value you the option to change course.
A1.1 / A1.2 / A2.1 / A2.2 / B1.1 / B1.2 / B2.1 / B2.2

Access thousands of interactive activities in lessons structured in levels, freeform, allow you to enjoy hundreds of hours of progressive learning, tailored to your schedule and needs.
– Can I access my mobile?
You can access from your mobile, your Tablet or your computer.
– How long do I have to complete a level?
To complete the level hired You have a maximum of 12 weeks.

Our teaching team will respond to your questions, propose additional activities based on news and current events, and motivate and advise so that you get the best results.

– Will I have a qualified teacher?
All our teachers are native speakers and / or are appropriately qualified and have years of experience in online language training.
– How do I communicate with teachers?
The platform gives you the tools you need to get in touch with them whenever you need them.
– How long will it take to receive your response?
Although the answer is usually faster, our tutors respond within 24 hours (working) days following the approach of the doubt.
– How do I know that the tutor has answered me?
When you have answered your tutor will receive a notification on your email. If you find it more comfortable, you can answer from your manager email and your response will also be registered in the messaging platform.

Develops written in Spanish and learn from your mistakes expression, whether grammatical, spelling, or punctuation style.

– How many editorial corrections it included?
For each teaching unit you can send a writing activity that will be corrected by your tutor / a.
– Can I write on any subject?
The topics correspond to the structures and situations of each course lessons. These activities are incorporated into the activity tree for each of the lessons.
– What are the maximum length texts?
It depends on the level: 70 words A1, A2 100 words, 150 words for B1, B2 for 200.

Chat sessions, you can book on our platform, add the key element that will improve your level of comprehension and oral expression.

– What are the kinds of conversation?
They are virtual sessions that you come from your computer or your phone, which can interact in real time with a teacher and other students of the same level.
– What is a virtual classroom?
Virtual Classroom is a technological solution that allows you to practice live communication between students and teachers. The Virtual Classroom brings the human dimension to the method, since it allows the students to interact with each other and with a specialized teacher, who leads the class.
– How long have chat sessions?
Each session lasts 30 minutes.
– How many chat sessions can I do?
Chat sessions are hired by packs of 5 sessions at a price of € 60 per package.
– How many students can attend each class?
The maximum number of participants in each class is 2 but sometimes you may even be alone.
– How far in advance can I book a class?
You can book your class with a minimum of two days in advance ..
– Should I cancel the class if I will not be able to attend?
If you do not nullify your class 24 hours before this session of your package you will be discounted.


Access our online Spanish courses platform to learn our system work and how it would make the Spanish course with us via the web.

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Other of our most outstanding courses on line are:

  • Learn how to develop yourself with adaptation in different situations of daily life: know our socio-cultural reality from the hand of natives and specialists. Study our diversity and linguistic richness.

Grammar, lexicon, phonetics, spelling, syntax.

  • Know the requirements and procedures to be DELE trainer.
  • Teacher training: Only for teachers with experience or interest in tutoring teachers in training. In addition, university degree and a C1 level are required.
  • For teachers who want to make their practices in our institution. Tutorials and some work will be carried out electronically. The practicum will be supervised by our specialist teachers, prior agreement with the University of origin. Hours will be those stipulated in the agreement.